Friday, 26 April 2013

The Burrow

The Burrow is a little further up from the mega breakfast establishments of Three Monkeys and the Gunshop. Its that little wooden looking shop a few metres down that is always quite full. I've always wanted to go in there but there is one major turn off that my Boyfriend, JGirl, VGirl and a few other people have commented on. Its full of hipsters.

God damn.
I know its mainstream to hate on hipsters but the reason I don't like them in food places is because of their attitude. Little pretentious organic/vegan cafes, that served you expensive bad coffees, surly teen hipster serving staff that are too cool to give your their time and overly cool/weird/kooky decor. If they spent even half the time on their food as they did everything else, I suppose it would be approaching something even close to palatable. Blehhh. You know whats the worst thing though, everyone always goes to these hipster places.

Everyone goes here!
The Burrow is that kind of place. It has like 9 pages worth of fancy drinks. I wouldn't have been seen dead in that kind of place, I actually dress so terribly I could be mistaken for a hipster. I used to have this wallet that would always set off alarms when I was going through different store check outs, and once it went off after I left Myers. The door girl took one look at me and said I couldn't possibly have anything from there and let me go.

A hipster in its natural habitat
Thankfully we went at an hour too early for hipsters to be seen in.

Did you even know there was a 8 AM?
We walked in and were seated next to a group of young business people chattering away about stuff. We got some menus and our waitress explained the specials of the day and how things worked since we hadn't been there before. Basically choose anything and choose either as a sub, which grants chips, or a pizza, no chips but cheaper. Everything is cut into smaller pieces so you can easily share. The day we went there, there was large revisions to the Burrow Burger which my Boyfriend was considering, I can't remember what all the revisions were but once he heard them, he ordered it instantly.

Actually quite small, 15-20cms or so?
I got the Big Voodoo Daddy pizza after some contemplation, I wasn't super keen for the subs they had at the other table no matter how tasty they looked. Its a pulled pork, jerked chicken, Cajun sausage, red onion and coated in a red Bourbon glaze. Also random coleslaw on top of the pizza. I would've definitely preferred the coleslaw in a bowl or something, so my hot and cold food don't touch.

It was a very tasty and meaty pizza under that mound of coleslaw! The base was super thing and golden brown crunchy. The pizza was split into four pieces and the coleslaw made it hard to grab onto, but it was a good combination of flavours. I think the jerked chicken could've been a bit stronger in spice but that Bourbon glaze was fantastic!

On the other hand, deceptively huge
This is the changed Burrow burger, I don't remember much that was changed but it did have feta, yoghurt dressing of some sort and I think some of the salad was changed. I really liked it though! It was a pretty huge burger, one of those ones you had to squish to fit your mouth around and my Boyfriend said he was satisfied even though we hadn't had lunch that day. Not a hundred percent sure what the balsamic squiggle and oil were there for, but it was a mightily tasty balsamic squiggle.

The chips were solid, crunchy with a clump of sea salt flakes thrown at it. Just going out on a limb here, but flaky sea salt isn't the best thing for chips since they don't cling well. I'd be happy with a ground salt any day. Not that I don't enjoy sea salt flakes, I like how they dissolve in your mouth.

The Burrow:

Atmosphere: 8. Hipster bar. Not my sorta place but if you like that sort of thing, its nice. Clean, lots of menus, weird decorations all over the shop. Not sure what upstairs looks like.
Service:8, prompt and easy to grab their attention. The waitress we had knew the entire special and menu off by heart. I also got called halfway through my order and she came back when I was finished as my Boyfriend didn't remember what I wanted.
Food: 8, delicious! Interesting combinations of flavours, I'd go here again when the hipsters aren't there.

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